Rhino Linings Randburg, Gauteng, provide a variety of spray-on protective rubber coatings for truck beds, trailers and more.

“Bakkie Linings” refers to the rubber substance sprayed on the bed of the bakkie. This is a durable material designed to withstand all elements against corrosion (caused by water, salt, acids and other chemicals). Rubber Linings also provide grip for cargo and are waterproof in case of spillage.

Our system is 100% polyurethane – as opposed to other polyurethane/polyurea blends – providing the ultimate protection. This is a class of material that has the same caracteristics as rubber. We use 100% polyurethane to offer you the best protection and slip resistance available for your truck bed. We, however, do have hybrid and pure polyurea coatings

Factors that affect price are the size of the vehicle, the thickness required, over or under the rail and customised colours. Contact Rhino Linings Randburg for a quote.

A typical installation takes 3 – 4 hours from start to finish. Please phone in advance to secure an appointment.

Our linings are available in any thickness required. Typically, we have a Standard Duty (average of 3mm thick) and a Heavy Duty (average 5mm thick).

We offer a range of standard colours, however, your lining can also be applied according to a specific colour. More than 95% of our linings are however done in black.

Yes. Rhino Linings is the only company that offers a National Warranty that is transferable to the new owner of the vehicle. It covers your liner for a period of 3 years. Warranty must be registered by the installing owner. For more information please contact Rhino Linings Randburg.

Rhino Linings Randburg can easily  restore damaged linings to its original condition.

Although our linings bonds to almost any substrate not even cement bonds to our liners in fact almost nothing bonds to our liner making it easy to clean. It also means less carry back when hauling sand or soil.

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At Rhino Linings Randburg, we aim to provide versatile solutions to benefit our clients’ needs and pockets. Our specialised rubber product line-up is quality-driven, affordable and suitable for commercial, automotive and industrial use.